Our Burgers

Our Burgers


Our Burgers

Our Founder, Mark obsesses over burgers. In fact the only thing he ate until he was 6 was a
burger for dinner, every day . His childhood obsession, became a reality in 2008 when he
founded a local burger chain that went on to win every award possible for “Best Burger”.
Mark worked tirelessly for year , over the beef supplier, the secret blend of steaks we grind ot
make our burger, the dry aging process and most importantly the burger to bun ratio and
texture of the bun.

Mark’s obsession in burgers has earned him Best Burger in 30 States, a 3 time Burger World
Champion, and he continues to experiment and change the burger game.

Our potato bun is a custom size from Martin’s Bakery in Pennsylvania.
Our Beef is local, from Roseda Farms in Hunt Valley Maryland
Its dry aged for 38 days
It comes in fresh daily
We grill burgers, we don’t fry them
Our secret sauce is a secret:) buts it’s close to a thousand island type dressing
Our bacon is Nueske’s . it’s from Pennsylvania
Our eggs are from Kreider farms also in Pennsylvania. We get comments all the time how fresh
the eggs taste because they are very fresh.

The World Champion, has bacon jam on it, which is both sweet and savory. It comes with a
fried egg as well

The White Trash isn’t our creation, it was created by Kerry Simon in Las Vegas. It had pulled
pork BBQ, col=e slaw, fritos and a fried egg on it

Our Veggie Burger is amazing. It’s also VEGAN it has no added sugar. It gets its protein from
almonds and sweet potatoes. It has brown rice, quinoa, oats and sweet potato in it.